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What is Flea Bombing? - Flea bombing is an extermination technique to help rid fleas from your home or other enclosed spaces. They spray a dense cloud of insecticide, covering a limited area, killing fleas and numerous other insects and household bugs. You may wish to use flea bombing in several rooms of the house depending on where you believe the infestations to be or even decide to use more than one in a single room (if its large). These insecticide spreading mists are similar products to foggers which have the same aim, and there are several brands which claim to be effective. If you have family or friends that have used such techniques before, it may be worth asking which one was used and how successful it proved to be. Otherwise, check forums and current reviews.

Safety is very important when flea bombing. They usually contain chemicals and toxins which can be harmful to humans and pets, so the area will need to be evacuated and everyone kept away while the cloud of insecticide works. Fish are particularly at risk, so you will need to either remove any fish tanks or ensure they are completely covered and the pumps turned off.

Instructions for Flea Bombing - The entire area for treating will need to be prepared and closed off before the bomb is set off. There will be instructions with the product, so ensure that you read them carefully and adhere to each step with caution. Understand what chemicals are involved before bombing and if they are detrimental in any way to your furniture, flooring or surfaces - consider removing or covering them. Clear the house of family members and do not allow anyone to return until the recommended time has elapsed. Some actions which you may choose to use are below, however these should not replace any directions that come with the product - these are general points that may help you in preparation.

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Bombing for Fleas

Tips, Help and Advice

  • All furniture, internal doors and cupboards should be cleared and opened in the room
  • Any food, kitchen utensils, plates, appliances and dishes should be removed
  • If furniture is to remain, cover with throws and protective sheets. Also cover any eating surfaces, untreated wood on floors and any electrical equipment (or remove it if itís expensive)
  • Remove any fish tanks, or if they are permanent features, cover them and turn off lights, pumps
  • Clear the home of all pets and people
  • Firmly close all windows, cover any air vents and prepare to close external doors
  • Fans and AC should be switched off, as should lights (and any pilot lights/flames)
  • Decide where best to place the bomb - maybe in the centre of an area on a stand
  • Wear protective clothing, goggles and a face mask and start the treatment following the instructions!
  • Immediately leave the home and keep it closed until the process has finished
  • Return to the room, remove the remains of the product and open all windows, doors and vents for airing
  • Before pets and people are let back in, ensure the home has been aired for the appropriate amount of time and all protective sheets have been removed for washing
  • Clean surfaces, furniture, window sills before replacing any plates etc
  • Vacuum the house, mop the floors and dispose of the bags and dirty water (and any dead fleas)

Flea Bombing Control and Treatment - This method can be used in conjunction with several other valuable control techniques. If you are aware that the product you're using will only target the adult fleas through the use of an adulticide, remember that you will also have to target any eggs, larvae and pupae with a product that includes an insect growth regulator. These can sometimes come in the form of powders, sprays or diatomaceous earth (used for dehydrating the parasites). Maintaining a regularly vacuumed and cleaned household will help support you when it comes to controlling small pests. Pet bedding, kennels and baskets should be sanitised as much as possible (certainly in flea season) and any areas where they may enter the home and yard should be treated and controlled. Set up repellents and traps, spray and spread insecticides throughout all areas of the home and yard in preparation. Keep pets healthy and regularly groomed.

Bombing a House for Fleas

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