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Flea Protection is a great way to prevent fleas infesting your home, yard and pets. To protect yourself from fleas it is worth identifying when they are most likely to be a problem in the year, so understanding the season and preparing for it will go a long way in providing the armor you need. There are many methods commonly followed around the globe and below are just a handful of ideas that may help you. These techniques all work in connection with one another:

  • Treatments
  • Traps
  • Repellents
  • Wearing the correct clothing
  • Thorough & Regular Cleaning

Defense is vital in your struggle against parasite infestations and the nasty diseases they may carry and spread. You should always look to prevent the growth and spread of fleas before they become a problem, rather than dealing with an outbreak. You could save yourself a lot of time, money and dismay (as well as the health of your pets).

When looking at treatments to assist you with defence, there are methods for you, your home, yards and pets. Spraying insecticide on your lawns, yard and in your home, spreading insecticide powders into your carpets or lawns (you could consider borax or diatomaceous earth), using foggers or bombs, treating your pets with dips, medicines, shampoos, a collar and a comb (regular grooming). All these treatments help with protection.

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Traps could be bought from the internet or you could decide to make them yourself at home. Place the flea traps in areas around the home and yard which could be likely to attract parasites - in shady areas, near cracks and crevices, windows and doors. Ensure they are placed carefully and donít endanger any children or pets. The traps will protect the home by attracting and killing any adult fleas. If they fail to capture any, then you are already protecting yourselves well.


Protection from Fleas

Repellents can be sprayed on you and your clothing. Deet is a popular chemical in repelling fleas. If you are likely to leave your home and go walking or hunting, ensure you are fully covered in a strong repellent as a protection from bites. Flea repellents can be sprayed on your pets also, or you can add natural repellent foods to their daily meal (their skin odor will then naturally repel parasites). You could also look to prevent these pests entering areas of your yard by planting natural repelling plants and herbs.

Always ensure that you are appropriately dressed in you are likely to go into areas where there may be fleas or ticks. If you walk along the beach in the early morning or evening, or if you are hunting, cover your arms and legs with clothing that wonít allow parasites to bite your skin. Bare ankles and legs are always a good invitation for these types of pest that need a meal. Cover up if you are in the yard and there could be fleas lurking around.

One of the best ways of defence is via regular sanitisation and cleaning. If you have thick carpets throughout the home or a congregation of leaves in the yard, clean them thoroughly. Clean and treat furniture, fill in holes and gaps where they could enter the home or reproduce. All of these precautionary methods will help with your flea armor.

Flea Protection for Dogs and Humans

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