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Mice Fleas - There are several types of mice. They can be house pets and they can also be unwanted pests. All are capable of having fleas and these parasites can be detrimental to the mice as well as humans, our homes and other pets. If your pet mice have fleas, then you will see them itching (like other house pets would), there will be excrements of blood left on the mice and they will be very irritable and uncomfortable. If this is the case, then visit your local veterinarian for a treatment.

To the average household, mice are pests that find their ways in to our homes through the smallest of cracks and holes. Mice are not only a problem in the country, the street mouse is a pest that invades inner city homes, shops, restaurants, theatres, cinemas - they seem to be everywhere! There are several pest control companies that will gladly come round to your home or property and catch, kill and prevent the rodents returning. Mice can cause sickness in the household through their urine and faeces, they contaminate food, leave droppings all over the house and yard, annoy our pets, eat through bags, boxes, clothes, make-up, ruin our furniture and upholsteries, die in the cupboard, keep us up at night and generally scare the living daylights out of the many women (we donít all think theyíre cute fluffy animals). They are also recorded to carry fleas, responsible for wiping out populations of other animals around the globe. There is enough reason there to want to rid such pests from your home and yard, without considering that they may likely be carrying infectious parasites.

Mice Fleas in the House and Yard - You will therefore want to identify where the mice are entering your home and yard and stop it. This could mean blocking holes, filling cracks, putting up fences, fixing broken windows, cleaning the garage, mending floorboards and generally obstructing any entrance they may have. This is not always easy in the yard, certainly if you live in the country or by open land and fields. However, to ensure they arenít accessing the home is well worth the effort. Mice droppings are always a clear indication if you have a problem. They also leave a trail of small bite marks in plastic bags, boxes, tissues, food, etc. Whatís even worse is they can sometimes get into a dark abandoned area to live and breed or simply die. The smell of a dead mouse is not a scent you want in the home when trying to eat your evening meal. Once you have established all the areas that a mouse can enter, where they are possibly feeding and living you can plan to catch them, dispose of them and stop them coming back.

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Mice and Fleas

As previously mentioned, there are many pest control companies that will help you to catch, kill and repel rodents. These firms are experts in driving the pests out of the home through strategies that boast experience and attention to detail. You could also purchase several over the counter products such as mouse traps to help do it yourself so a quick search on the internet may help. Alternatively, if you donít have a cat, ask if you could borrow your neighbours!

Mice Fleas Treatment - If you have a pet mouse, then you will want to only deal with the flea issue! As these parasites are capable of carrying diseases (such as the plague) you need to control, prevent, treat and exterminate them. Remember to treat the area where your mouse lives and all around it so no parasites can find their way back in. Also check your other house pets, all family members, your furniture and carpets. Our flea control page may help you to understand what steps can be taken in your fight against these pests.

Do Mice Carry Fleas

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