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What is Pest Control? - It is a wide subject as there are so many different types of pest. A pest is an irritating or bothersome being, thing or animal. Simply put - an annoyance!

Pests in this context are insects or other small animals that damage and injure our yards, our pets and our homes. There are pest control companies that you can call in to assist you with your pest control, or you may wish to look at ways of doing it yourself, depending on the severity of the problem.

Animal Pest Control - Types of pests in the home and yard could be ants, aphids, badgers, bats, bears, beavers, bed bugs, bees, beetles, birds, caterpillars, centipedes, chipmunks, cockroaches, crickets, deer, earwigs, flatworm, fleas, flies, gophers, grub worms, hedgehogs, hornets, lice, mice, mites, moles, mosquitoes, moths, possums, rabbits, raccoons, rats, shrews, silver fish, skunks, slugs, snails, snakes, spiders, springtails, squirrels, tapeworms, termites, ticks, voles, wasps, weevil, wild cats and dogs, woodlouse and woodworm depending on what part of the world youíre from.

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Pest Control Solutions - Each pest affects us in a different way, but if they are causing damage to our homes and belongings then we need to find a way of preventing it happening. Common methods of controlling pests are through the use of powders, spray, insecticides, repellents, traps and steam cleaners.



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Prior to choosing your Pest Control Service, conduct a thorough investigation of where the pest is accessing your home or yard. If itís mice in the home, then they must be getting in somewhere - likewise with ants. If you can determine where the crack, hole or opening is then you could look to block it with some type of filler or cement. Prevention is your best means of control - stop the pests getting in and then you only have to deal with the ones you have and not any more.


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